How to Play Baseball?


Baseball game has risen to become a favorite game among many people especially in US. The game comprises of two teams, the home and the away teams. Each team has a total number of nine on-field players. Each team has nine innings which are used to score runs.

The game is enjoyable since it is played by a higher number of people, eighteen. Therefore, it comprises of different roles that each team member should play in the game in order to ensure the success of the entire team against the opponent.

Basic Guide to Play Baseball

It only requires you to familiarize with a couple of things before you can be able to effectively play baseball. The following includes a few tips on how you can get started:

1. Familiarize with the Game’s Basic Concept

How to Play Baseball You should familiarize with the roles that teams play during the game. Also, you should understand basic things such as innings which are divided into top and bottom innings which the teams use to score points and also to defend the field.

The game is also divided into categories which depend on the innings such as college and professional baseball. The defensive team plays against the home team trying to score points while the home team opposes by defending the entire field. Also, be keen to learn the nine roles of each team member, for example, baseman, shortstop, outfielders, and defensive players’ roles.

2. Understand the Field

How to Play Baseball The field comprises of infield and outfield parts which hold respective roles. It has four rugged pads which are set on the bases designed in equal points. The field also has the batter box where batters are allowed to stand. The field has different plates which are known as the home and the away plates where players from different teams stand.

When a baseball falls in the in the third or the first base, it is taken as a “foul play/ball”. Also, the field is marked by lines which demarcate the border location. Therefore, you should learn how to play within the field boundaries.

3. Learn how to Throw and Catch Your Partner

Here, you need to understand how to use the gloves. To catch the baseball, you need to use the hand it the glove and to cover the baseball with the other hand. Learn how to trace the ball while still in the air and how to keep your hands ready to catch it. Ensure that you use both hands to catch the baseball.

4. Understand the Outfield

This part of the field contains the outfielders who holds the “pop ups” and the balls that go past the infielders. Therefore, by learning their roles, you will be able to avoid letting pop ups go past you unless they are beyond your reach. This will instill a spirit of going for the ball in you.

5. Hitting and Baseball Running

How to Play Baseball Hitting requires a baseball bat and whiffles. You may practice ho to hit the ball by throwing the ball up and timing the ball. Ensure that your hands remain stretched while hitting the ball while also keeping the head in place to avoid wrongly handling the bat.

For baseball running, do not run if someone hits a pop fly. By tagging up, you will let your partner to catch the ball allowing you to run to the second. Check to be sure of the plate on which you are supposed to run.


Baseball is an interactive game that can be played among friends. It can provide an effective activity meant for team building and to enhance togetherness of a certain group. Through understanding the basics of the game, you can easily proceed to learn how to play the games by actually practicing it. However, you should ensure that you know the basic before you proceed to the field.

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