Countries That Have Most Number of Golf Courses


Golf has become a favorite game among many countries all over the world. In particular, some countries have remained aggressive and actively involved in developing golf and golfing facilities. Therefore, these countries have a lot golf courses meant for hosting golf competitions and for the development of the game. These countries include:

1. United States

Countries That Have Most Number of Golf CoursesUSA has over 15,000 golf courses. These include the famous golf courses such as: Augusta National G.C., Pine Valley G.C., N.J., and Cypress Point Club, Pebble Beach. These golf courses provide ample grounds for the development of the game and for hosting several national and international golf competitions. Over the years, US has remained as the most prominent country when it comes to golf.

2. Canada

Countries That Have Most Number of Golf CoursesCanada has 2,400 golf courses. These golf courses are regularly used for golfing purposes. They include: St. George’s G. and C.C. in Ontario, Cabot Links in Inverness, Club de Golf Memphrémagog, Magog, Que, and Cabot Cliffs and Inverness.

3. England

Countries That Have Most Number of Golf CoursesEngland is known for well kept golf courses which are suitable for all types of golf games. There are about 1,850 golf courses in different parts of this country. These include: Sunningdale G.C., Swinley Forest G.C., Ascot, and St. George’s Hill G.C., Weybridge.

4. Japan

Countries That Have Most Number of Golf CoursesRecently, Japan has risen to be among the top golf superpowers. This country has embraced golfing with a stance currently having 2,450 golf courses. Most of the golf courses in Japan are used primarily for the development of the game by allowing young and new golf players to exercise in them. These include: Hirono G.C., Hyogo Tokyo G.C., Sayama City, and Phoenix C.C., Miyazaki.

5. Australia

Countries That Have Most Number of Golf CoursesOver the years, Australia has established as a famous country in golfing. The nation has been largely known for famous golfers who have been developed in its numerous golf courses. Australia has 1,520 golf courses. These include: Royal Melbourne G.C., Ellerston G. Cse., Hunter Valley, N.S.W., and The National G.C. (Old), Cape Schanck, Victoria.

6. Scotland

Countries That Have Most Number of Golf CoursesRecently, Scotland has focused on developing a couple of golfing facilities in order to enhance the development of the game in the country. Previously, the country had a few number of golf courses which have acted as the foundation for the development of new ones. Currently, Scotland has 550 golf courses including: Royal Dornoch G.C. (Championship), Dornoch, Muirfield, Gullane, and North Berwick G.C., North Berwick.

7. Spain

Countries That Have Most Number of Golf CoursesAlthough Spain has not yet instilled focus and energy in golfing, the country has quite a number of golf courses. Currently, it has 350 golf courses which are in places such as Gerona, Madrid and Valencia, for example, PGA G. de Catalunya, Gerona, G. Santander, Madrid, and El Saler G. Cse., Valencia.

8. Republic of Ireland

Countries That Have Most Number of Golf CoursesArguably, the Republic of Ireland has the best golf courses in the world. As a result, this country is regularly selected to host different golf competitions throughout the year. These courses include: Waterville G. Links, Waterville, Co. Kerry and The European C., Brittas Bay, Co. Wicklow.

9. China

Countries That Have Most Number of Golf CoursesChina has recently shown interest sports development. Golf has been one of the games which the country has focused on in the recent past. Currently, the country has 600 golf courses which are used for all golf purposes. These courses include: Shanqin Bay G.C., Hainan Island and Sheshan International G.C., Shanghai.

10. Argentina

Countries That Have Most Number of Golf CoursesMore on golfing is yet to be seen in Argentina especially in the last 2 decades. Nonetheless, the nation has remained active in developing and maintaining golf courses in its different parts. Some of the courses in Argentina include: Mar del Plata G.C., Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires and ordelta G.C., Tigre, Buenos Aires.


Lately, golf has emerged as an entertaining and a fan-favorite game. As a result, many countries have focused on developing many courses in order to enable them to host international golf competitions and events.

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